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Since 2010, Tarrant Solar Company  is one of the top solar installers in Ft. Worth and has a proven history and reputation for providing quality service. If you’re looking for the best installation for your  solar panels, reach out to us:



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Tarrant Solar Company is an award winning company. Our mission is to solve the world’s energy problems. Hundred of houses in the Ft. Worth and the DFW metroplex are equipped with our solar systems. Now they can enjoy more power with less electricity bill.

Solar Panels take the benefit from the most powerful natural assets produced by the sun. Then, the energy converts by the sunlight into electricity powers your home without any charges.

As Solar Powers are systematic. Although they are more efficient in days. Solar panels do no work in cloudy days but you can use the electricity stored in nutshells or in home batteries late on.

Fort Worth solar panel company

Renewable Source

Enjoy the limitless power of solar
technology at home.

Low Maintenance

Start saving more than 20% on your
electricity bills.

Easy Installation

With our solar panels, you will generate your
own power.

How reliable is solar power?

Solar Energy, unlike traditional energy sources such as fossil fuels, is a renewable energy source. With the help of technological innovation, solar panels are substantially more affordable for the people now, than they have been in the past. And the ultimatum of solar powers for homes has also increased dramatically, as these are more reliable and beneficial. The installation of solar systems also worth it. Another environmental benefit of solar power is that it uses little to no water during energy production.

To help you make a decision, here are some benefits in-depth. Look, why the demands of solar powers are increasing rapidly.

Reduce electric bills:

Solar Powers are the best source to provide the energy with no electricity bill. Because of this, more and more people are installing solar powers in their homes to lower their energy costs. This is on the grounds that, with a home nearby planetary group set up, you don’t need to altogether depend on the energy being provided from the principle lattice.

Provides renewable & clean:

Among all the benefits of Solar Panels, the most important thing is it provides renewable and clean energy which is not harmful for the people living in the environment. Solar power does not produce pollution. It charges with the sunlight which is beneficial for the people as well as safe.

Price fall:

The price of solar power has fallen dramatically from last decade. As it is the main source of saving electricity and reducing bills, people are more inclined towards it.

Low maintenance cost:

Solar panels do not requisite a lot of maintenance. We only have to keep them clean. We can clean it couple of times in a year by ourselves easily. Or we can anticipate on cleaning companies as well.

Can be stored in battery:

The best advantage of solar power is that, it can also store the electricity in home battery storage or a solar battery for using it later, when sun is no longer shining or there is rain. Solar powers are only useful when there is daylight. Because they do not work when there is night time or cloudy.

Save Money, Save
The Environment

Our Solar Panel Systems Are:




Why Choose Certified Tarrant Solar Company?

A very first reason that why should you buy and install a home solar system from the best company like Tarrant Solar Company, is that we are providing you safe and abundant powers which are innocuous for people. Our employers are utterly professional peers and well qualified and each have 5 years of experience. Tarrant Solar Company is rewarded for positive experiences. Our services never let people down. We look after the solar energy system and focus on our work from start to finish.

Customers About Our Solar Panel Installation

About Us

We provide the efficient solar panels in Tarrant. We will provide you sustainable and clean energy. Most beneficial thing about solar panel is, it controls your energy cost.
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Solar Installation

Installing solar panels will reduce carbon output from your home significantly, as solar energy does not generate harmful pollutants. Your panels will be installed by utterly professional team.
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Solar Maintenance

To keep your solar panel work productively it is extremely important to clean them at least once a year. Tarrant solar company, USA will offer you affordable price and the best cleaning service.
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Solar energy storage

Installing solar energy storage will benefit your property and you can also earn by selling excess energy back to grid. The energy stored in battery can be used later on when there is cloudy.
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Panels with a Sleek,
Low-Profile Design

Our solar panels blend into your roof with integrated front skirts and no visible mounting hardware. The result is a clean, streamlined look.

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If you are looking for the trust worthy and most reliable company in Fort Worth Tx, don’t forget to contact Tarrant Solar Company. We are utterly professional and certified. Our team is ready to work with you to customize a complete solar power solution to meet your specific needs. You are our top priority and we will please you with our best services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sunlight hits a solar panel on the roof. The panels convert the energy to DC current, which flows to an inverter. The inverter converts the electricity from DC to AC, which you can then use to power your home.

Solar panels generally requisite very little maintenance in order to function. The only thing they require is a periodic light cleaning to make sure dirt, leaves, and other debris aren’t obstructing the sun’s rays.

The cost of the system is based on its capacity, measured in watts. How big a system you need will be based on how much energy you use, your roof’s sunlight exposure and panel efficiency.

Solar panel efficiency will be best in direct sunlight, but when there’s no sunlight or evening, the stored energy in the batteries will be used.

Even though the midpoint is exactly 12 hours, the actual power in your panels is equal to about 5 to 6 hours of full when there is sunny outside. Since the typical modern solar panel is about 12% efficient, you will get about 700 watts per square meter of panel.

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